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About Us

Who We Are

Camdrone is a film production company focused on delivering unique videos. With experience working on commercials, film, and television, Camdrone brings together a team of experts using the latest technologies to create a video tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to create safe, open environments where creativity can thrive.

What We Do

Provide Drone and Aerial Photography Service

Camdrone’s founder studied filmmaking from 2012 and graduated from la Sorbonne university with a degree in film and television. She worked as a drone cinematographer in Canada for feature films and TV series before creating her own audiovisual company.
Her goal is to deliver high-quality and creative audiovisual content to make a company stand out and emotionally engage an audience.

10 Years Experience

Our Values.


We commit to cultivating a healthy and creative company culture where each member is valued. We believe teamwork affects a company’s overall performance and customer satisfaction, so we have solid work ethics. Each team member brings something unique to the table and contributes to the final product. A priority of Camdrone is bringing our team members together to create an environment conducive to exploring and fulfilling our creative potential.


Creativity links the head and the heart and the left and right sides of the brain. Used for a specific purpose, creativity helps find solutions to stay on budget and to deadline while delivering a highly creative and quality video.


Getting to know the people we work with helps us understand their styles and how to build an excellent product together. We regularly communicate and have weekly check-ins with our clients to keep them updated.

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Experienced Team

Bringing in creatives from all over the globe.

Founder and film director
Calypso ( Founder and film director )
Rémy ( Camera operator )
FPV Pilot
Alexandre ( FPV Pilot )
Sound operator
Marc ( Sound operator )
Editor and Motion designer
Brian ( Editor and Motion designer )
Louna ( Photographer )
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